So, who are Derbyshire Arts Co-operative and why might you want to visit their event in The Courtyard Gallery, Dronfield Hall Barn, opening Friday 27 April through until Friday 11 May 2018?

Well, some of us you will have seen before – and we hope you’ll enjoy talking to us again and seeing what we do – but we do keep our eyes open for the work of gifted makers whose work we really enjoy – and ask them to join us for an outing.   So whilst we are based in Derbyshire we do like to invite other interesting creators from time to time.

Many of you will be probably be aware of the work of Sue Gorman, a contemporary ceramic artist specialising in porcelain.   Her vibrant vessels, sculptures and jewellery are made using a variety of techniques including neriage, sgrafitto and a unique range of hand-painted ‘Jazz’ pieces.  She has lectured and exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA and has customers worldwide.

You’ve had the opportunity of seeing his work before but we are delighted that the ever-more-famous Jason Heppenstall will not only be showing his latest conjurings-up of  recycled cutlery/metal and whatevers [and which are being commissioned and bought across not just the  UK but rumour has it Sweden is in the frame] but he will also be able to be seen at work just outside The Courtyard Gallery – and he will be joined there by Peter Martin demonstrating what can be achieved with a “nice bit of wood” , a lathe plus skill & imagination.

Sarah Watson joins us again – she uses the traditional skills of the silversmith to make simple, classic jewellery using sterling silver and copper. She is especially interested in exploring different textures to give her pieces an organic look.    And her take on using recycled sterling silver cutlery to produce a range of jewellery is fascinating.

Marion Anniss brings her Textile Art which is innovative, largely design based and covers a range of textile techniques including digital imaging, needle felting and collagraphy.      For many years she has exhibited with us, with friends and other groups but next year she has decided to celebrate 10 years since her last solo exhibition and to hold a new one, this time at Dronfield Barn, in April 2019.  That sounds like it will be exciting too.

Co-organiser of this Spring’s event, Heather Arbon, is inspired by nature to create both 2D and 3D textile art which is decorative and often functional.    By using various materials – fabrics, threads, paint and dried organic fragments – she creates pictures and then adds details using machine embroidery.  Fabrics and threads may be dyed or used in their natural colour to emphasise form in her 3D work.

And, Sandi Williams, will show a limited range of what’s she’s been up to glasswise.    Health problems have made cutting glass difficult but she hopes to have got some new ideas into the kiln and out of it successfully before April 27.

For any further information please contact: Sandi Williams 07710 123241 or Heather Arbon 07758 586969