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Ada Blue (Ava Bateman) is from a small town in the heart of Derbyshire and has found her way to play at the Dronfield Arts Festival


Ava expertly fuses together genres of Latin, pop, acoustic and alternative to create a unique modern sound. Growing up she was exposed to an eclectic sea of different music, her influences range from the heavy sounds of Nirvana and Soundgarden to the likes of Amy Winehouse, Griff and many more. The singer/songwriter’s use of storytelling within her lyrics related to so many people within our modern day society, always writing from her own experiences to give her music authenticity and relatability


At only 17 years old, Ada Blue is taking the Nottingham and Derbyshire music scenes by storm! Having performed at several well established venues like Rough Trade, The Chapel and Metronome, she is a seasoned performer that delivers a spine chilling and exciting performance


In March 2023, she released her debut EP ‘Ice Cream Kisses’. This Ep is such a great encapsulation of the artists talent, exploring many different musical genres and really showing how hard it is growing up within the modern day society. Hopefully we can get a few more releases from this incredible artist over the course of this year