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Dronfield Arts Festival and Hanging Boots Creative



Join in a magical artwork that changes over time. Ignite your creative spark in our exciting and immersive digital universe. Let the interactive artworks inspire your imagination on every visit, opening up a world of playful possibilities through the adventure of exploration and creativity. Using state of the art technology your artworks will be re-presented in interactive Light installations in the Peel Centre during the Dronfield Arts Festival making it a unique experience and time for you to take part in creating beautiful and amazing living artworks.

Together HBC, DAF, Bracken Media and Hillside AVL have created a collection of art installations and interactive projects suitable for adults and children. It is an invitation to have fun, play and to explore, but also to reflect on our own position relative to the natural world, other people and the sea. It is a place where art and technology meet: a realisation of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous maxim “everything connects”.

Ocean World is organised into 3 themes. Reef, Wave, and Living Lanterns, each of which uses cutting edge technology to create constantly evolving environments, which visitors of all ages are invited to enter and explore. As the artworks change with each interaction, each visit to Ocean World will be uniquely different. The exhibition will also grow and transform over time, with new artworks created by the public adding richness to this stunning digital world.


Children and adults are invited to create their own artworks to add to the huge Reef Wall where their creations will come to life taking on the iridescence of underwater creatures in 3D space.

You will learn about the life of the reef and make your own contribution to the artwork by painting your own creatures and corals. Become more aware of how human activity changes the nature of the reef.


Make your own undersea lanterns in workshops in the run up to the Dronfield Arts Festival and see them displayed as living lights in the exhibition area. Take them on the Lantern Parade and reinstall them in the exhibition to enjoy throughout the weekend of the Dronfield Arts Festival.


Enjoy taking part in this interactive installation where you control the movement of waves and splash around in the digital water. Combining the elegant and beauty of traditional Japanese Art with contemporary scientific data taken from your movements in the space this poetic rendition of nature invites visitors to contemplate their place in the force of nature.

The exhibition begins in  “Living Lanterns”.

Lanterns made in schools and at workshops in the community based on the undersea theme for the festival parade are displayed in the foyer and entrance to the Peel Centre / Dronfield Hall Barn. They are lit using LED lighting and act as individual screens for moving projections to make them come to life in their undersea world.

If you wish to make a lantern:

Workshops are being conducted throughout March and April 2019 where you able to make your own Lantern for the exhibition and Ocean World Exhibition. Schools and community groups are being invited to join in. If you wish to take part, please contact : admin@dronfieldartsfestival.co.uk

We then move in toReef”

Children and adults are invited to draw and paint images of fish and corals and place them onto the Reef Wall, a developing artwork where they are individually lit using state of the art projection mapping techniques in a 3D environment to create a huge living artwork where colours and patterns move across the fish and corals, creating a dazzling animated scene. We are encouraged to learn about the delicate balance of life in the ocean reef and how the corals and creatures interact with one another and how human

Find yourself immersed in Wave”

A space where interactive 3D cameras track your movements and represent them within the moving ocean waves becoming particles of bubbles and water affecting the movement of water on the screens in the space. We are invited to reflect and meditate on our interaction to create beautiful motion graphics within the space.

Children must be supervised at all times in all areas.

We hope you enjoy the exhibition and hope you will visit it many times during the weekend.

Take a peek at the video to date click here

The workshops and interactive lightshow will take place upstairs in the Peel Centre.  £2 per person (adults accompanying children* go free)

We envisage that this will be a popular event over the festival weekend.  Therefore, to avoid disappointment we advise you to pre book your workshop place in advance.

Book your place here

Cost £2 per person (Adults accompanying children* go free)

You will receive an email confirmation which you will be required to print out (or save a copy to your phone) to show on the day.

*Children under the age of 12



Dates for the lantern making workshops are as follows:

Saturday 13th April 10am -2pm

Tuesday 16th April 10am – 2pm

Tuesday 23rd April 10am – 2pm

Dronfield Hall Barn

£2 per person


For more information on Hanging Boots Creative click here