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Steamworks will be bringing their “Robotics Meets Arts” Workshop to the arts festival on Monday afternoon!  This will be a free drop-in workshop so come along and learn more about robotics!

The aim of the workshops will be to help children and families improve their understanding of programming and robotics in a fun and creative way.   The workshop will involve three activities.

Activity 1 

Learn how to programme and use ‘Ozobots’.  These mini robots have downward facing cameras which sense colours, lines and codes and can be programmed using coloured pen markings on paper.  Participants can draw tracks for them to follow using simple coding techniques.

Activity 2

Explore how Edison robots can be programmed using bar codes.  Children can use Lego bricks to customise a robot and programme it to battle in ‘robot wars’.

Activity 3

Make their own ‘Doodlebot’ to take home.  The children will use simple circuits to power a motor to make their robot move and ‘jiggle’.  They will attach felt tip pens to the structure of their robots to allow it to ‘draw’ when moving around on large pieces of paper. The children will use their design skills to develop the look of their ‘Doodlebot’.

For more information on Steamworks visit their website here