Terms & Conditions

Amateur Photography Competition

Your photograph will be displayed over the festival weekend in the gallery and on our website showing your name and description only.  Your telephone number will only be used in the event of your entry winning and we need to contact you on the day.

Open Arts Exhibition

We will only be using the Names and Addresses of artists for posting information should they have no email address and for sending their payment cheques after the Exhibition.

Artists’ names will be included in the Exhibition listing of their work, but addresses will not. Each picture will show a number relating to artist’s listing information. (Name, title of work, medium and price) Names will not be included with hung pictures, only a number.

Each artist has to specify on the Submission form whether they agree to their work being photographed for use online and for print advertising before and during the show .

School Poetry Competition

Poems will be placed in the Poetry Box and put on display at Dronfield Library for the duration of the festival weekend. Any personal information supplied on the poetry form word document, including entrant’s first name, age and school attended, will also be visible to the general public and will be used by us to contact the competition winners.