Lavender Skies by Leigh Smith


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43 x 54

Acrylic painting

Artwork by Leigh Smith

1 in stock


43 x 54

Acrylic painting

About The Artist


‘Hi I’m Leigh, I live in Dronfield with my partner Gary.

I have two children, Steve and Carrie, both married and three amazing grandchildren.

My grandchildren are my most valuable critics, totally honest and incredibly enthusiastic. When they race upstairs to inspect my latest project, I occasionally hear a Wow! Which I don’t mind admitting gives me the biggest of boosts. However, they are also quick to point out where I’ve gone wrong or where I’ve missed a bit. Though usually the latter is said before I’ve actually finished.

They supply me with ideas (sometimes achievable) and love getting involved and creating masterpieces of their own. We all love bold images, vibrant colours and allowing our imaginations to run wild.

I have exhibited work at The Great Sheffield Art Show, Art in the Gardens at the Botanical and the Dronfield Arts Festival.

An art teacher once told me that you go to class to learn the basic rules, then go home and break them. Advice I very much enjoy following.

Thank you for reading.’

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